I'm happy and honoured to be awarded the commission to make a wall-filling fresco for Triodos Bank Nederland, Driebergen/Zeist. Placed at location on November 21st. 2019.

The sketch, June 2019. The wall-filling fresco will be situated at the entrance.

The building and it's surrounding, Sketch June 2019.

June 18, First visit of the building site

Design of the panels  

The canvasses have arrived, August 16. 

Work in progress, October 10

The panels have arrived, October 18

Another milestone.
Fitting in the panels and placing the hanging system,
October 25

La nuit étoilée. Work in progress, November 13.

November 21st.

MNEMOSYNE, Linda Overzee 2019

Video Thomas Rau explaining about the architecture of the building on Arcitectenweb. My work only plays a tiny miny role, not worth mentioning, but the camera does zoom in more than twice!